SALOVEY: Compassion and Service

Dear Class of 2022,   As I look back on your time at Yale, I am thinking about what Coretta Scott King said about the […]

salovey speaking at 2019 commencement
Marisa Peryer
SHANKAR: A Random Walk Through Yale

In math, there’s a concept called a random walk, where an object moves across space in no clear pattern. At Yale, it’s been easy to […]

HAWKINS: For the time spent being

I have spent the past four hours toggling among a trio of browser tabs: an I-must-refresh-every-minute-or-I-will-never-find-a-place-to-live search for 3-bedroom apartments in New York, a Canvas […]

LI: Loneliness

One night in the first semester of my first year, I sat under a willow tree on Hillhouse Avenue and cried with two of my […]

WEBER: More than a respite from high school

Coming out of prep school, you wouldn’t expect me to worry about inclusivity at yet another old, academic, New England institution. Nevertheless, my small, often […]

SEQUEIRA: Why Am I Panic-Buying Yale Gear?

Last December, I graduated from Yale. I had taken a semester off—what would have been my senior fall—during the first year of the COVID pandemic. […]

CORNWELL: Being enough, and having enough time

Fall 2018, I lay on the tiled floor of the Stiles B20something common room, my feet propped up on the foam roller I had been […]

OMER: How to get into Skull & Bones

Secrets do not exist at Yale, including the secrecy of societies. All it takes is for one person to see who walks in and out […]

MORARA: Sweet nothings

I came to Yale with nothing.    I had no idea what I was doing, or what I wanted to do with my life. I […]

KREBS: Our garden of forking paths

The admissions office likes to say that “Yale is best defined by the word and.” Here, you get research and sports, service and science, McKinsey […]

DU PONT: The antidote to greatness

Almost four years ago, I sat in Woolsey Hall sweating from the August heat as Peter Salovey and Marvin Chun welcomed to Yale the Class […]

DODD: Don’t waste Yale on the chase for status

“Why Yale?” When I was asked this question at my alumni interview, I said something along the lines of, “The JE courtyard revived my childhood […]

DELUCA: On leaving Yale

It is customary in these reflections to think of the opportunities Yale has given us or how our amazing professors and classmates have formed us, […]