A chosen family emerges from paper and destruction in the Yale Rep’s “The Far Country”

Along with the production of “The Far Country,” the Yale Rep hosted a small curated discussion between the actors and thirty-two participants, a gathering of AAPI theatermakers centered around the productions of “The Far Country” and Stefani Kuo’s DRA ’24 “Pearl’s Beauty Salon” and art workshops led by AAPI artists across disciplines.

Yale Kalaa and Yale Dhvani to put on showcase honoring womanhood

The two traditional Indian groups are combining dance and music in a narrative performance featuring powerful women from Hindu mythology.

‘West Side Story’ premieres this weekend 

The cult-classic musical will premiere this weekend in the Crescent Underground Theater.

David Bowie-filled space adventure called ‘Space Oddity’ premieres

The student-written play is set to debut this weekend in the Saybrook Underbrook.

Yale Movement performs ‘Mean Girls’ showcase

Over the years, Movement has grown from a small dance club to one of Yale’s front-running dance collectives. The production team and senior members recount the creation of the sold-out performance.

Magic and memory ignite the stage in ‘Every Tongue Confess’

The newest production from the Yale Dramat explores themes of legacy and redemption.

PROFILE: Student playwright Jason Kisare pushes the boundaries of Black theater

In an interview with the News, Jason Kisare ’25 spoke on his artistic inspirations and aspirations, work ethic and the upcoming premiere of his original work, “Black Boy Therapy!”

Lots of love in Daddy Long Legs

The musical romantic comedy will premiere this weekend in the Underbrook.

Hard truths in a cup of tea: Yale Rep’s ‘Escaped Alone’ to open on March 8

“Escaped Alone” is the third show of Yale Rep’s 2023-24 production season; the fourth show, “The Final Country,” will open on April 26.

 ‘Fun Home’ comes out to audiences with themes of queerness and family

The musical adaptation of Alison Bechdel’s graphic memoir ran Thursday through Saturday, exploring the intersection of queer experience and family dysfunction.

Student DJs take over Toad’s Place

The weekly Yale-only Toad’s Place dance party — commonly referred to as “Woads” — has increasingly featured performances by Yale student DJs.