aapiNHV plans events to celebrate AAPI history month

As aapiNHV expands its membership in New Haven, the organization is planning on hosting three events to celebrate AAPI heritage month and bring the AAPI New Haven community closer together.

COLLOQUIUM: Senior theses on Asian American issues

Graduating seniors from various disciplines dedicated their theses to Asian American issues this past academic year. Read to learn more about their projects.

Peanut Shells, Cigarettes, and Ping Pong on a Hot July Day

It’s a hot July Day. Peanut shells drop onto Canal street (堅尼街).

“Community and initiative”: A history of Yale’s Korean Studies

The unofficial Yale Korean studies program has come a long way since its origins in 1947

Illustration by Cecilia Lee
TENNIS: Three graduating Asian American athletes reflect

The News spoke to three Yalies on the men’s and women’s tennis teams who helped their teams to greatness while developing themselves personally.