Welcome to the special issue: Amplifying AAPI Voices 2022

Welcome the Yale Daily News’ special issue celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander communities! We are incredibly excited to present a mix of reported content and thoughtful personal essays as well as multimedia and artwork.

To Yingying

Over winter break, I went back home and saw my parents, friends, and more snow. After having dinner at the Mexican place downtown and boba for dessert, my friend Lauren and I decided to wander around. Small flakes began to fall, coating the sidewalks and roads in a thin layer of white. We trudged on through the coldness, snow sticking to our black leather Doc Martens. Neither of us really wanted to go back home. We hadn’t talked in a long time — I had a whole lifetime of things to catch up on.

Asian girl who turned red watches “Turning Red”

When I was sixteen, I Turned Red. It was a teenager’s cliché attempt at setting the world on fire with red hair dye. I had quit my fast food job, broken up with my boyfriend and decided that the next natural step was to dye my hair red — becoming a visual wildfire. According to my dad, this meant I would next get a tramp stamp.

FEATURE: Where do Asians fit in the newsroom?

“As an East Asian, you’re one of the least oppressed people in the world.”

ANDERSON: Reflecting on Pacific Islander inclusion during AAPI month, at Yale and beyond

In the United States, the month of May is meant to recognize Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage, a group historically labeled as AAPI. Often, however, the “PI” of “AAPI” is neglected and such discourse focuses predominantly on Asian American narratives.

Going to the doctor when you’re Asian in America

Yale community members spoke on the importance of cultural competency in treatment and how Asian American communities may experience and view health care differently.

Anti-Asian hate crimes are a “racist crisis”

The mistreatment of Asian Americans in society is a broader reflection of the inequitable treatment Asian Americans experience in the healthcare system.

FUFUNAN: Let them drink boba

"The Asian American Students Alliance at Yale is committed to building the largest tent possible. Coalition-building has always been central to our work."

State legislature set to pass first in nation AAPI studies legislation

After activism from Make Us Visible campaign and AAPI advocates at Yale and across the state, state legislature prepares to pass AAPI education bill.

FEATURE: South Asian students speak on identity, belonging at Yale

Finding a space of belonging and community can be difficult for some South Asian students, as the label of “Asian” often gets defaulted to East Asian.

Asian cultural shows make comeback

Asian American cultural groups are working behind the scenes to put on cultural shows as COVID-19 restrictions wane at Yale, but the groups still face troubles and challenges