Zoe Mercer-Golden
MERCER-GOLDEN: Becoming an “I”

Penning “I” is a tool of exploration.

MERCER-GOLDEN: Speaking out about sexual violence

How many more cases of sexual violence will need to take place on our campus — and how many more made public — before Yale enacts more accessible, consistent and compassionate procedures?

MERCER-GOLDEN: Our Passover story

When I was young, I overlooked the tension that inevitably comes when three generations of Jews spend time under the same roof. Now, I live those complications.

MERCER-GOLDEN: The “innocent” museum

As a community, we are responsible for safeguarding the works that defined moments and peoples in the past.

MERCER-GOLDEN: What we love

Some of us have found jobs we’re excited about; many — including me — haven’t.

MERCER-GOLDEN: A visitor at home

I am worried that I will lose that sense of personal autonomy if I go home to the relationships that already exist there.

MERCER-GOLDEN: A class gift without the guilt

Yale needs to rethink its senior class gift, by re-evaluating how competition-focused it’s become and allowing students to tailor the experience of giving to their own priorities.

MERCER-GOLDEN: Why we cite

Did you know that millennia of scholarship occurred without footnotes?

MERCER-GOLDEN: A difficult solution

In order to ensure an end to conflict in the Middle East, and in order to avoid waking up every morning to bloody headlines, we have to help build a better Middle East: one in which everyone who wants a job has one, all children (including girls) are educated, and all citizens have access to the resources they so desperately need.

MERCER-GOLDEN: Reading better for real marriage

I contend that it is possible to believe in God, read the Bible and be an American without needing to choose amongst these three identities — I do. But it requires a little more intellectual effort, and a little more self-reflection, than many seem willing to put in.

MERCER-GOLDEN: A new conversation

Whenever election season rolls around, I can’t help but think of the TV show “The West Wing” (and it would appear that other YDN columnists […]