Zara Kessler
KESSLER: My date with Monty

It’s common this time of the year for seniors to consider all the things they’re going to miss about Yale. The real world is shockingly […]

KESSLER: Last man standing

Today is the first anniversary of the longest dodgeball match in history. Well, the first anniversary of the end of the longest dodgeball match in […]

KESSLER: Visiting Yale’s brain collection

It’s in large part thanks to Harvey Cushing that Yale possesses more brains than Harvard. After graduating from Yale in 1891, Cushing, the “father of […]

KESSLER: A vegetarian at Louis’ Lunch

I’m by far the least vegetarian of any vegetarian I know. For starters, I occasionally eat fish. This means that the correct term for my […]

KESSLER: Put those clothes in the bucket

Around this time last year, I went to my first naked party. In many ways, the experience was exactly what I had expected. There was […]

Glorious, Consensual, Safe

[ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”86″ ] I could count on one hand my memories of people at Yale talking to me about sex. By “talking” I don’t mean […]

Editor’s Note

When I returned to my Manhattan school on September 13, 2001, my sixth grade history teacher told us to write. Anything that came to mind […]

Thursday Nights

What’s the Women’s Table? What street is Phelps Gate on? What did Bass Library use to be called? It’s not uncommon to have to show […]

Kessler: A day to remember

Today is my father’s birthday. In 2001, my father’s birthday fell on the first day of school. I remember this because I was so concerned […]

New bridge to ease highway traffic

For many students, returning to campus by car after spring break can mean hours of traffic and delays on Interstate 95, the nearly 2,000-mile highway […]

My Yale – The Subterraneans

I am an underground creature. Late on this Monday evening in September, Yale University’s campus is a skeleton. Quadrangles, benches, and cobblestone pathways provide the […]