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Without Your Skin

This is a small fraction of a story, a story of how people navigate the tumultuous worlds of mental health and theater while being Yale […]

Geographica Digitalis

Sometimes, in the midst of our ever-busy Yale student lives, we don’t take the time to realize what’s around us. Yale’s campus has a seemingly […]

Mark Saba
Project Me a Child’s Mind

Clint Jukkala ART ’98 paints with the brightness and boldness of a child, but his strokes and simple shapes are nothing if not precise. The […]

Labor Lovely Chaos

“Love’s Labour’s Lost” is not the deepest of Shakespeare’s plays; it is a comedy, and though it features the King of Navarre (Martin Lewis) and […]

Da Vinci in Conversation

There are not many works by Leonardo da Vinci at the Leonardo exhibit at the Yale University Art Gallery; of the handful that are there, […]

Yale University Art Gallery
A Passion for Passion

A terminally ill woman, hysterical and consigned to the attic, falls in love with a soldier camped at her home. Though she initially makes offerings […]


“I want to kill him. I hate his Adam’s apple.” “How many Russian bears does it take to rig an American presidential election?” “In the […]

After The Aftermath

The Aftermath exhibition at the Fred Giampietro gallery is an experiment in violence and the effects of what humans do, bringing together painter John Keefer […]

A Rom-Com You’ve Probably Heard Of

Upon arriving in the park to see the Elm Shakespeare Company’s production of “Romeo and Juliet,” the first thing you notice is the giant, multistory […]