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Best Friends Forever?

By Zach Marks From today’s YDN story on the YCC elections: “We all know each other very well,” [YCC presidential hopeful Katrina] Landeta said, referring […]

What does it take to be Number Two?

By Zach Marks A wise man named Nelly once asked, “What does it take to be Number One? Two is not a winner and three […]

It’s that time again…

By Zach Marks It’s that time again. When inboxes get clogged with campaign mail and Tyco makes bank from printing candidates’ posters, table tents, stickers […]

Yale’s millions would be well-spent on fin. aid

Next year, the University will announce its decision on whether to construct two new residential colleges. This expansion would have a tremendous impact on Yale. […]

YCC board congratulates its new treasurer

After interviewing seven extremely qualified candidates to fill the recently vacated office of Yale College Council treasurer, the YCC Executive Board is proud to announce […]

Students want to cash in on new program

In today’s story “Officials mull over new payment plan,” the results of the YCC’s latest campuswide survey show that an overwhelming majority of Yale undergraduates […]

Efforts to help underprivileged are ongoing

In 1955, Williams College Admissions Director Fred Copeland was bothered by a new trend: “This year, Yale, and, to some extent Harvard, gave early verbal […]

ESPN’s Berman recaps life

Sportscaster Chris Berman said he knew he had made it big when former President Bill Clinton LAW ’73 visited him in the press booth during […]

Friedman discusses globalization

The world is entering a new era of globalization, which is leveling the international economic playing field, Thomas Friedman said Wednesday in a lecture at […]

Universities enroll fewer foreign students

The number of foreign students enrolled in American universities declined for the second consecutive year in 2004-05, according to a report published Monday by the […]

Herman discusses journalism

Tom Herman ’68 said he still remembers an embarrassing blunder he made 37 years ago as a young reporter covering PepsiCo for The Wall Street […]