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Salovey forms dean search advisory committee

President Peter Salovey will look to a 15-member committee, chaired by Berkeley Master Marvin Chun, as he chooses the next Yale College and Graduate School deans.

Light Fellowship distribution remains steady

For Yalies, Richard U. Light Fellowship program provides a major incentive for studying Chinese, Japanese or Korean.

Forums revive grading policy discussion

After months of radio silence from administrators over grading reform, the ad hoc committee on grading has reached out for student opinions.

Freshman Scholars dean named

Yale College Dean Mary Miller has appointed Ezra Stiles College Dean Camille Lizarribar as the new dean of the FSY program.

Yale weighs decanal structures

While Yale examines other schools’ models, administrators emphasized that the University will need to focus on what works best for itself.

New colleges spur naming guessing game

With two new residential colleges comes two new names. The naming responsibility belongs solely to the Yale Corporation with no formal role to administrators, faculty or students.

New college integration considered

In 1958, then-University President A. Whitney Griswold wrote a proposal for two new residential colleges.

Faculty discusses governance proposals

Thursday's faculty meeting focused on the potential reorganization of the University’s administrative structure.

Scandal still strains Egyptology

One year after the scandal, students and faculty in the Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations department are still hurting.

CCEs advocate healthier screw

To deal with the range of often-confused expectations students bring to screws, the CCEs have offered alternative spaces and activities for students to practice open communication with their partners at screws this year.

Yale to offer online math modules

Students fully prepared for Yale’s quantitative classes will be able to brush up their math over the summer.