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Yolanda Wang (she/her) covers endowment, finances, and donations. She is a sophomore in Davenport College majoring in political science.
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Mass pro-Palestine protests in support of divestment shake campus during spring semester

Throughout the spring semester, student dissent against Israel’s war in Gaza focused increasingly on Yale’s weapons investments. Divestment discourse and protests on campus came to a head in April with two pro-Palestine encampments and over 50 arrests.

Protesters on Cross Campus vote to reject administration’s offer of meeting with Yale trustees, continue encampment for second night

After negotiations between protesters and administration broke down on Monday evening, protesters voted to maintain the encampment amid multiple notices from administrators of possible disciplinary action.

ANALYSIS: How much does Yale invest in military weapons manufacturing?

Little information on the University’s investments is publicly available, yet the extent of Yale’s holdings in weapons manufacturing remains a longstanding source of student concern, particularly in the recent wave of mass protests.

Over 2,300 alumni, parents and students sign letter to withhold donations until Yale divests

In an April 19 letter to the Yale Corporation, signatories pledged to withhold donations until Yale divests from military weapons manufacturers and expressed solidarity with student protesters.

Pro-divestment students end eight-day hunger strike

While they have ended their hunger strike, the 14 students continue to express dissent toward the University’s investments in military weapons manufacturers.

Students react to Yale divestment decision

Students were split on the extent of Yale’s investment in weapons manufacturing, as well as Yale and the United States’ involvement in Israel’s military defense.

Yale refuses to divest from military weapons manufacturers amid student protests

On Wednesday afternoon, Yale announced that the endowment investment policy would be expanded to bar holdings tied to assault weapons manufacturers that retail to the general public. The University also announced that military weapons manufacturing does not meet the criteria for divestment.

Occupy Beinecke holds teach-ins, displays artwork   

On the second day of the organizers’ sit-in on Beinecke Plaza, students and faculty members hosted over 12 hours of events to call attention to Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza.

Students hold vigil for Palestine on Beinecke Plaza, forced to disperse under threat of police citation

A group of around 50 protesters was forced to disperse a Monday night pro-Palestinian demonstration on Beinecke Plaza under threat of police citation by Yale administrators, who declined to provide a reason or cite a policy for the intervention.

Students continue hunger strike to demand University divestment from weapons manufacturing

As protesters concluded the fifth day of their hunger strike on Wednesday, they moved their tent from Cross Campus to Beinecke Plaza.

University does not commit to weapons divestment, students prepare to begin hunger strike

A group of about a dozen Yalies plan to begin a hunger strike on Saturday, April 13, as part of their continued effort to demand that Yale divest from military weapons manufacturers.