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EDITORIAL: Protect diversity, end legacy

We are entering a new era in college admissions, one in which the histories of privilege and exclusion at elite colleges will only ring more discordant and out of step with universities’ declared ethos of access and equality. With this, the Editorial Board believes that Yale College and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions must take a new, proactive and vital step: ending legacy admissions.

EDITORIAL: Let student organizations keep their offices

The Yale Daily News Editorial Board calls upon the University to reconsider its decision to remove student organizations from their on-campus spaces at Crown Street […]

EDITORIAL: Sanya Abbasey ’25 for president, Maya Fonkeu ’25 for vice president

Editor’s note: Led by two co-presidents, the Editorial Board is an independent body of the Yale Daily News, separate from the newsroom. The Editorial Board […]

EDITORIAL: Make Yale Dining for everyone

The Editorial Board is calling on Yale Hospitality to expand its dining options in regards to the food provided and where meal swipes can be […]

EDITORIAL: Students are stakeholders

The recent Yale College Council referendum has raised the quintessential question of who has the right to have a voice in deciding the direction of […]

EDITORIAL: Queer rights are under attack

As it has been forced to far too often, the LGBTQ+ community is grieving the losses of yet another hate-fueled mass shooting. The latest victims […]

EDITORIAL: Fix Yale’s Housing Shortage

  There is a housing shortage at Yale, and it’s impacting New Haven residents. Yale’s class sizes have increased in five out of the past […]

EDITORIAL: Make course registration more transparent

Class registration is a part of Yale’s hidden curriculum, with its own fine prints and unspoken rules that could catch students unawares upon first glance. […]

EDITORIAL: Union neutrality now

This editorial represents the opinion of the News’ Editorial Board, a group of students that are separate from the newsroom and do not include any […]

EDITORIAL: Announcing the 2023-2024 Editorial Board

The Yale Daily News is pleased to announce the 2023-24 Editorial Board. Led by the Opinion Editors, the board is composed of ten undergraduate students […]

EDITORIAL: Beraki ’24 for President, Li ’24 for Vice President

 The YCC elections today will be of a kind we haven’t seen in several years. In an uncontested race for the 2022-23 student executive board, […]