Xiuyi Zheng
ZHENG: Y degrees of separation

With the empowerment that comes from looking beyond the borders of one’s own country also comes the risk of losing touch with one’s roots.

ZHENG: Yale, speak out on Xia

Due to the China’s tight controls over its universities, the divorce of politics and academia cannot be achieved without major structural reforms, which are unlikely to be realized in the foreseeable future.

ZHENG: Don’t depend on America

Is America, despite its military strength and financial influence, still suited for the responsibility of being the shining city upon a hill?

ZHENG: When we die

What do I want people to say about me? “Xiuyi contributed immensely to the growth of our company.” “Xiuyi will be sorely missed by his 45 cats.” Why should I care?

ZHENG: The hairless caveman

To adopt the values I believe in is one thing. To fail to understand that of another is something else.

ZHENG: Sifting through the ashes

I realized just how simple my life had been up to that point. I was fortunate not to have lost anything truly valuable in that fire, but at the same time, in that house I had nothing truly valuable to lose.

ZHENG: A case for domestic exchange

Our Yale educations will not be compromised by a semester or a year at another American university. Rather, by creating domestic exchange programs, Yale will go further in encouraging its students to pursue diverse experiences and academic excellence.

ZHENG: Until the bitter end

Greetings from your lifelong friends and allies from the other side of the Yalu River.

ZHENG: Your fortune in a cookie

The fortune cookie merely acts as a stethoscope through which you can hear what your heart is telling you.

ZHENG: The rebel and his cause

Beneath Chen’s heavily politicized and commodified image lies a brave soul hardened by years of unspeakable persecution.

ZHENG: Snow and tea on two continents

According to my heart, home is often nowhere to be found.