Xan White
White: Lingering on process

The switch of Sen. Arlen Specter LAW ’56 from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party has left me with a bittersweet feeling: some genuine […]

White: Progress marches

Last Friday must have been an easy day for people who get paid to rail against gay marriage on the Internet. The unanimous Iowa Supreme […]

White: An American hero helps again

It’s high time for someone to thank Michael Phelps for taking that bong hit. Not because we should lionize a guy who racked up 14 […]

White: Stimulus need seen in Elm City

On Monday night, the Senate voted 61-36 to end debate on the $838 billion stimulus bill, precluding a filibuster and clearing the way for an […]

White: Church and state, subtly split

The overt Christianity on display at the inauguration of President Barack Obama made more than a few people cringe. Did a nominally secular ceremony that […]

White: Democracy reigns in Colorado

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. In 1913, the 17th Amendment to the United States Constitution made the federal […]

White: Reason, innovation on the way

The hallowed editorial page of the nation’s Oldest College Daily hasn’t seen a whole lot of bipartisan good feeling in the wake of Barack Obama’s […]

White: Treat your vote seriously

What do Americans choose when we elect a president? Will we, in six days, vote for a set of guiding principles and policies, along with […]

White: More liberty for guns and gays

What do guns and gay marriage have in common? Not a whole lot, at first blush. Accurately or not, we tend to associate guns with […]

White: Anti-intellectuals run amok in U.S.

Exploiting anti-intellectualism by, among other things, caricaturing opponents as pointy-headed academic types from the dreaded Ivory Tower, wins elections. Or at least it did in […]

White: A Supreme vanishing

It happens every year in late June or early July. The judiciary, often the stealth branch in our tripartite federal government, appears on the American […]