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Academic depts prep for college expansion

With Yale College’s upcoming expansion to accommodate 800 more students over the next four years, there will be an increased demand for graduate teaching fellows for undergraduate courses.

In a State of Grace

Last Friday, a mixed crowd squeezed through the doorway of the University Theatre. Students and professors, young and old, settled into their seats in the hot theater to the rhythm of the jazz band assembled in front of center stage, where an anonymous woman, seated at a desk with a typewriter, kept her back to the crowd. As the band’s final song slowly faded to silence, so did the lights and the anxious pre-performance chatter. For all its differences, the crowd now united in a singular task, interpreting and assimilating what was to unfold before us: “Grace Notes: Reflections For Now,” a mixed-media performance created by the woman on stage, photographer Carrie Mae Weems.

Beinecke reopens after renovation

The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library reopened Tuesday after a year of renovations, a celebration for students, tourists and librarians alike.

Elites favor efficiency

Are the elite fundamentally different from other Americans, or do they simply have more money?