Watching People, People Watching

The people we’re watching are watching. It has long since been remarked that this dynamic makes us perpetual performers, always on stage in front of […]

INSIGHT: Mini Love Letters

Written by people in the Yale community, these 100-word stories celebrate the people and the things they love — ranging from a long term partner […]

INSIGHT: Beyond Costar

On the morning of Dec. 2, Rebecca Mironko’s phone pinged with a notification: “Today you might be feeling some deep feelings. This is a good time […]

Jessai Flores
INSIGHT: Respecting our Elders

Over the past year, the dominant attitude towards older people has been: “we’re worried about them dying.” Attention-grabbing headlines and public discourse, especially early in […]

INSIGHT: Help Us Make History

Even after 15 years as an archivist, Michael Lotstein still gets a thrill when he works with primary source material, which he calls the “tangible […]

Cassidy Arrington
FEATURE: One Family, Divisible

On a hot day in Irvine, California in September 2020, Julia Wang ’24 and her mother sat outside a café waiting for a table. Wang, […]

Claire Mutchnik