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The Queerious Case of Troye Sivan

The titular track of Troye Sivan’s long-anticipated second album “Bloom” is the exact type of song that would soundtrack the third-act montage of a rom-com. […]

No Tea, No Shade, Just Sweetener

What ever happened to The Female Pop Star? With Drake, Post Malone and other rappers utterly dominating the Billboard charts, the hit-making titans of yesteryear […]

She Did Something Bad: Taylor Swift’s “Reputation”

Taylor Swift is pop culture’s most problematic fav: when she’s not demonizing black men, appropriating other cultures or making colonial music videos, she’s producing certifiable […]

A Rainbow over the Island of Misfit Toys

“I’ve got too many people left to prove wrong,” she begins. This time around, there are no synthesizers, drums or Pitbull features: just Kesha’s voice, her raw voice, to introduce us to her third studio album “Rainbow.” The intro track, aptly titled “Bastards,” wastes no time beating around the bush, confronting the highly publicized subtext — including sexual assault, legal court battles and a trending #FreeKesha — that almost prevented the album from existing in the first place. She insists: “They won’t break my spirit, I won’t let ‘em win/I’ll keep on living the way I wanna live.”

ZHANG: Unreasonable expectations

As an undergraduate, I wear many hats: political science major, New Haven citizen and proud Branfordian. But the ones that affect my everyday existence the […]

ZHANG: New Year’s resolutions

Going into the new year, it’s time again to reevaluate the model minority myth and fight the tangible harm that it does to Asians as well as other minorities.

YTV Explains: Dwight Hall (Part I: The Structure)

In the first video in a two-part series about the country’s largest independent student-run service organization, YTV Reporter Wayne Zhang unpacks the question of how […]

“Be Seen and Be Heard”: Yalies Redefine Fashion

Just before New York Fashion Week, Yale students teamed up to showcase their style. Wayne Zhang ’18 reports on Y Fashion House’s show: “Synesthesia: Be […]

A Spooky Halloween Weeknd

“I love villains — they’re the best characters in movies, right?”

Songs of summer past

As the temperature dips below 70 and bursts of orange and yellow begin to dot Hillhouse, let’s reflect on some of the best songs from summer 2015.

One Hit Wonder No More

Legitimizing Jepsen as a real pop star is the raison d’être of her third studio album, E*MO*TION. Jepsen accomplishes this difficult task with class, rising to the occasion sonically, aesthetically and lyrically.