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Davis preempted master conversation

When Stephen Davis, professor of religious studies and head of Pierson College, asked his residential college community in mid-August to stop calling him “master,” his announcement surprised many Piersonites and members of other colleges.

Students rush to defend SOBs following prank

In the days after the Yale College Dean’s Office suspended the entire Society of Orpheus and Bacchus a cappella group from fall rush for a series of pranks orchestrated by just one member of the group, the singing community has rallied around the punished members and requested greater transparency from administrative decision makers.

New sexual misconduct advisors to even playing field

Yale encourages both complainants and respondents in misconduct hearings to retain an advisor for personal as well as logistical support.

Wellness Project reaches beyond clinical care

Just one day after Director of Yale Health Paul Genecin announced five new initiatives to promote mental health on campus, the Yale administration unveiled the Wellness Project, designed to address broader issues of well-being and self-care.

For God, for Country and… What was that other thing?

On most 36-degree days, Yalies retreat to their dorm rooms and libraries, turning up the heat and hiding out in preparation for the impending New Haven winter. November 18, 2014 was different.

MH&C announces hires, but numbers decrease

Yale Health Mental Health & Counseling has hired three new clinicians and will pilot electronic appointment scheduling starting this fall, according to a Wednesday email from Director of Yale Health Paul Genecin.

Deer’s head found at Spizzwinks(?) audition

Late Saturday morning, a Yale student walked into Timothy Dwight College to audition for the Spizzwinks(?) a cappella group. He left a box on a table outside of the audition room, performed and walked out.

Months after report, cultural centers remain under scrutiny

Freshmen entering Yale’s cultural centers for the first time this fall may be wowed by some of the newly renovated spaces, but veteran members of […]

“Master” fades in Pierson, but persists elsewhere

Within the red-brick walls of Pierson College, the word “master” is disappearing.

Imagining the future of the Schwarzman Center

In the basement of the newly renamed Schwarzman Center, which currently hosts “totally hideous” storage rooms and the occasional cockroach, a much different future is being imagined: a naturally lit space suited for studying, socializing and even nursing a drink at an underground pub.

Sig Ep suit shows dearth of regulations

On a given Friday or Saturday night, few rules govern the festivities within the countless fraternity houses that define the social experience of many American college students.