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Researchers find fatal neurological effects of drug overdose

A new study suggests that many drug overdose patients suffer from potentially-fatal brain swelling, a symptom that doctors typically do not look for when treating […]

Study identifies a cause of melanoma treatment resistance

A collaboration between researchers at Yale, the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the Vanderbilt Medical Center has determined a new cause of melanoma treatment […]

Visiting prof discusses prison abuse of drugs

How are psychotropic drugs used to maintain control over mass incarceration in the United States? On Wednesday evening, Anthony Ryan Hatch, professor of science in […]

Engineering students design medical device prototypes

Each year, the Yale School of Engineering & Applied Sciences offers a popular course in medical device design. This semester, “Medical Device Design and Innovation” […]

Prof speaks on medicine during the slave trade

On Thursday evening, Carolyn Roberts, assistant professor of history of medicine, spoke about medicine in the slave trade to an audience of about 30 students […]