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Yale scientists’ work crucial to first-ever Ebola vaccine

Using the groundwork laid by Yale scientists in the 1990s, the pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. received approval from the European Commission for the first-ever […]

Yale-MIT-Harvard collaboration maps out cellular culprits of blindness

It is no secret that vision impairment is common among the elderly — age-related macular degeneration, or AMD, which results in the loss of central […]

SOM students win third place at Adobe competition

A team of Yale students — competing under the team name “Scooby-data-doo” — placed third in the annual Adobe Analytics Challenge on Oct. 28 at […]

Alexion buys Achillion

Alexion Pharmaceuticals will acquire New Haven-based pharmaceutical company Achillion Pharmaceuticals for an anticipated $930 million, the companies announced last week. The two companies develop rare-disease […]

Yale scientists hijack cancer immune response

How can we enable immune cells to selectively recognize and kill tumors? Yale scientists may have found an answer. Published in the Journal of Experimental […]

Biotech company wins $34 million funding

For Yale scientists Peter Glazer, Mark Saltzman and Marie Egan, September was a memorable month. Trucode Gene Repair, the biotech company they advised, received $34 […]

High-fat diet affects brain function in mice

Most people know a high-fat diet can affect body shape. But can it also alter brain function? A recent Yale-led study says yes. The study, […]

Yale researchers demystify lung pressure sensors in the immune response

In a recent Yale-led study, researchers have found that the immune response in our lungs depends on the physical pressure experienced by lung cells. When […]

New Haven emerges as biopharma city

Thirty years ago, the idea of starting a biotech venture in Connecticut was rare, if not unheard of. The obvious biotech hotbeds in the United […]

CRISPR study finds new cancer immunotherapy target

A new Yale-led study has discovered a novel gene target for cancer immunotherapy. By using the genome editing system CRISPR to screen for genes, the […]

Study finds method for controlling tics in Tourette’s syndrome patients

Contributing Reporter and staff reporter A new Yale study successfully trained a group of adolescents with Tourette’s syndrome to control their tics using functional magnetic […]