Vinay Nayak
NAYAK: Don’t boycott G-Heav

We must show that, in the face of injustice, Yalies fight back intelligently and effectively.

NAYAK: Demand action on gun violence

How many times will we let people die before we say enough is enough?

NAYAK: Honesty from Washington

We should be much more troubled by Democrats' politically expedient dishonesty on this issue over the last few years than by Rob Portman’s politically harmful honesty.

NAYAK: Policies to fight homelessness

This fall’s Ward 1 aldermanic campaign has featured good conversation about how to effect positive change for students and other residents of our city. My […]

NAYAK: Nayak for Ward 1 alderman

Across the country, people are hurting. Jobs are scarce, government support has been scaled back, and people have fewer and fewer places to turn. They […]

NAYAK: Why I’m running for Ward 1 alderman

New Haven is a great city, and this November we have an opportunity to take big steps to make it better. I envision a New […]