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Off Script

I often complain that I feel like relationships in the United States are too superficial. The unquestioning and naive approach of Americans to social interactions […]

Love in Translation

In Greek we have two different words for “I love you” and “I am in love with you.” It would be incredibly difficult for me […]

On Sincerity

If you’ve ever had to check more than twice the time you sent that last text, you know what I mean. I used to pride […]

MENA club pushes for recognition

In the hopes of gaining official recognition as a cultural house from the University, the newly-formed Middle Eastern and North African Cultural House Club will […]

The Fault in Our (Porn)stars

Would it turn you off if the pizza delivery boy always wore a condom? If the plumber/cheerleader/MILF were to tell you the action that would […]

“Could you repeat that please?”

There are not many experiences more frustrating than not being understood. Perhaps that feeling can turn into sadness and resignation when your stubborn conspiracy theorist […]

Irene Kim
Sad(Bois) Don’t Cry

“You’re such a sadboi!” After we laughed for a bit, she left with my smile. And, once again, alone with my readings and perplexed, I […]

Marianne Ayala
The Sentence

No matter how many times you write some sentences, they keep sounding wrong. You can’t stop thinking about the grammar. You change the syntax so […]

Michelle Li
Sins of My Cigs

Back home, everybody smokes — 37 percent of Greeks are regular smokers according to a 2017 survey for the European Commission. On paper, a 2010 […]