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BEIZER: The horse race

Here’s an understatement: Yale is a competitive place. From the moment we move into Old Campus, the giant application that is the Yale experience begins. […]

A Seen Life

He was nostalgic for places he didn’t visit. Words and smells and sounds that never existed — yearning like an apricot pit, long gone flesh but you pop it into your mouth and suck the dried up core anyway. Rug-a-tug-tug tongue feels thick like sludge, so nothing is singing, but the sound could be there, an unknown. He wanted to know if it did sing, ever, before it got caught in his throat. But also, maybe some things are best to not know.

Flawed Noses In Heat

In my dreams you are Pasadena heat during that dankless summer in which it didn’t rain once, despite frequent gray skies. The skies were gloomy […]

BEIZER: Not okay relationships

My friend across from me smiled thinly. “We’re great,” she said. “I’ve never been so happy.” I wanted to believe her description of happiness. And […]

BEIZER: Error 404: Women in STEM

The Yale experience, as any tour guide shuffling up Science Hill will tell you, is a varied one. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure story, be who you want to be and have others believe this projection. I want to be at the front of the classroom, holistically speaking. And I, like all of Yale’s women in STEM, deserve to be there.