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Holocaust memorial documentary debuts

Over 300 members of the Yale and New Haven communities gathered at the Criterion Cinemas on Sunday for the premiere of “People Forget: New Haven Remembers.”

Three-day pop-up boutique opens on Temple

For three days only, New Haven residents will be able to buy clothing from For Tomorrow — a multilabel online clothing retailer -— in a brick-and-mortar store.

Algerian journalist discusses award-winning novel

Algerian novelist and journalist Kamel Daoud gave a talk at the Whitney Humanities Center Monday afternoon, reflecting on his experience penning the critically acclaimed novel […]

Artist’s talk explores abstraction, smoke and dogs

A handful of School of Art students gathered Tuesday afternoon in the School’s 353 Crown St. space to hear artist Math Bass discuss her experience curating art shows and creating mixed-media art with a distinct interdisciplinary approach.

Study links drinking habits to perceived attractiveness

A new study shows that people perceive social drinkers and recovering alcoholics as more attractive than heavy drinkers and individuals who abstain from alcohol.

Exhibition highlights Yale’s book arts collections

A diverse selection of typography, calligraphy and illustration inspired by the Bible is on display at the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library.

Yale-China “fireside chat” highlights Chinese art

Roughly a dozen people gathered in the Yale-China Association on Temple Street Tuesday for a talk on contemporary Chinese art. Led by a team of […]

Windham-Campbell festival brings writers to Yale

On Monday evening, nine writers from across the globe took the stage at Sprague Memorial Hall to collect their prizes at the third annual Windham-Campbell Literary Festival.

Time perception may predict stress levels

Everyone experiences time differently, and according to a recent study conducted at the University of Montreal, the way you experience time may predict your level of stress.

Teens increasingly favor vaping over smoking pot

Teenagers are increasingly turning to vaping to get high — but certain teenagers are more likely to do so than others, according to a new study from the Yale School of Medicine.