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Valentina Simon covers Astronomy, Computer Science and Engineering stories. She is a freshman in Timothy Dwight College majoring in Data Science and Statistics.
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The magma highway: Yale researchers model journey of primordial isotopes from earth’s core to crust

Yale scientists have quantitatively modeled how the isotopic composition of ocean islands is achieved, employing the novel core-to-mantle diffusion theory

Yale-Stanford collab develops novel synthetic tRNA engineering approach

Researchers at the two schools expanded genetic code through insertion of selenocysteine amino acids into tRNAs in a new targeted approach.

YNHH cardiac surgeons publish case study of 200 successful robotic-assisted mitral valve repairs

YNHH case study of 200 robotic-assisted mitral valve repairs for degenerative mitral regurgitation saw a 100 percent success rate, results published in Annals of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Yale physics professor named Deputy Director and Chief Research Officer of Fermilab

Professor Bonnie Fleming of the Yale physics department leaving university to become chief research officer and deputy director at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

Yale researchers prove jumping genes are directly connected to neurodegenerative diseases

Yale researchers have directly connected overexpression of  “jumping genes” to neurodegenerative diseases, and have found a potential cure — HIV medication. “Jumping genes,” or DNA sequences […]

Freed to fidget, robotic hands manipulate everyday objects

Yale Researchers teach robotic hands to fidget, increasing object adaptability and movement control, in newly published research.

Yale researchers map gene regulation in tissue using novel sequencing technology

Yale researchers are the first to analyze gene regulation patterns in tissue after developing novel spatial epigenetics mapping technology.

Lux et Veritas: Yale physicists calculate the true limit for delivering light to scattering tissue

Yale physicists quantify mathematical limits for depositing energy in a scattered medium, with applications ranging from ultrasonic noninvasive surgery to deep-tissue imaging.

Yale researcher awarded grant for 3D hip replacement model

In December 2021, Yale orthopaedic researcher Aidin Eslam Pour was awarded a grant for personalized hip replacements that use 3D simulation models to prevent postoperative dislocation.

Yale researchers receive grant to develop novel epilepsy brain-computer chip treatment

Yale researchers were awarded a grant from the Swebilius Foundation for their breakthroughs in increasing the functionality of brain-machine interface chips designed to treat epilepsy.

Ovarian transplant reverses fertility loss in cancer survivors

A novel robot-assisted ovarian transplant procedure can extend organ viability by 14 additional months, culminating in multiple healthy pregnancies in previously infertile patients.