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Valentina Simon covers Astronomy, Computer Science and Engineering stories. She is a freshman in Timothy Dwight College majoring in Data Science and Statistics.
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Yale researchers receive grant to develop novel epilepsy brain-computer chip treatment

Yale researchers were awarded a grant from the Swebilius Foundation for their breakthroughs in increasing the functionality of brain-machine interface chips designed to treat epilepsy.

Ovarian transplant reverses fertility loss in cancer survivors

A novel robot-assisted ovarian transplant procedure can extend organ viability by 14 additional months, culminating in multiple healthy pregnancies in previously infertile patients.

Yale researchers combat biases in machine learning algorithms

The fight against hidden biases in machine learning algorithms is being led by three Yale scientists and their novel training regime for predictive programs.

Yale researchers discover that novel antiviral effectively targets numerous COVID variants

A Yale study found that an RNA-based antiviral recruits the innate immune system in the body’s fight against COVID-19, indiscriminately fighting many variants of the virus and bringing new hope to immunocompromised patients.

“Father of Green Chemistry:” Paul Anastas wins 2021 Volvo Environmental Prize

The director of the Yale Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering, Paul Anastas, received the 2021 Volvo Environmental Prize in recognition of his leadership in developing and implementing novel industrial methods that minimize chemical waste.

Yale-led study called MicroBooNE finds lack of evidence of sterile neutrinos

A novel neutrino study called the MicroBooNE experiment at Fermilab, spearheaded by Yale professor of physics Bonnie Fleming, found a lack of evidence for sterile […]

Yale researchers predict ocean circulation of Pliocene Era

Two teams of Yale researchers independently reached identical conclusions about the nature of Pacific currents in the Pliocene era, a time with carbon dioxide levels […]