Ugonna Eze
Guest Columnist
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EZE: The time for change

In the race for Ward 1 alder, our community is faced with two competing visions for the Yale-New Haven relationship.

EZE: Filed away

We know from experience that FERPA requests will clearly compromise the admissions process.

EZE: Not just a Black problem

The restrictions placed on these conversations inhibit the education of students both within and outside these cultural groups.

EZE: Overheard by whom

My concern stems from the fact that the page sensationalizes harmful prejudices without making clear what members of the page are trying to accomplish.

EZE: The perils of scalping

Scalping contradicts the inclusive spirit of this campus. While scalpers themselves are not bad people, the practice takes advantage of students’ desire to engage in campus traditions.

EZE: Tragedy of the Commons

In addition to fostering social ties, dining halls serve another important function for campus life: They are a space for intellectual conversation and debate.

EZE: Forgetting our roots

Yale should be responsible for the moral education of its students. One of the first steps it can take towards that end is instituting a theology requirement.