Tyler Ibbotson-Sindelar
Ibbotson-Sindelar: City living helps the planet

The moment was an unlikely one for the dawning realization that great cultural divides exist even between developed nations. I was sitting idly on an […]

Ibbotson-Sindelar: Mix gender for best results

Some advocates of gender-neutral housing have argued that our current housing discriminates against homosexuals, while others have argued that everyone deserves the option to live […]

Ibbotson-Sindelar: Fear in the way of progress

Quotas on immigration to the United States are not only xenophobic; they are pragmatically backfiring. Perhaps the strongest argument against opening our boarders is economic […]

Ibbotson-Sindelar: Yale doesn’t need my money

Yale just ended a three-week campaign to raise money for the Senior Class Gift. For seniors, this is just the beginning of a long relationship […]

Ibbotson-Sindelar: End varsity for club sports

The debate over varsity athletics has become tiresome. Some criticize athletes and the admissions office for putting athletics over academics. Athletes respond that they are […]

Ibbotson-Sindelar: Grade inflation for the best

Why do students at Yale focus so much time and effort on extracurriculars while often arriving unprepared for class? That’s just the Yale culture, or […]

Ibbotson-Sindelar: In search of better sections

Seminars and sections often fail to achieve their potential as places for engagement, passion and communication. It’s not for any lack of intelligence in the […]

Ibbotson-Sindelar: Minors would be a foolish addition

In recent debates, academic minors have come to represent freedom and choice. Less popular departments are proclaiming that minors will let students branch out and […]

Ibbotson-Sindelar: You’re as responsible as they are

We Yalies are good at thinking about what is right, pondering genocide and even going to vote, but we have trouble taking responsibility for the […]

Ibbotson-Sindelar: Free speech through funding

The first Yale publication I ever read was Rumpus. It was Bulldog Days, and I was shocked that Yale would condone the distribution of a […]

Ibbotson-Sindelar: Escape capitalist morality

We rely on capitalism to organize nearly every facet of our social and economic lives. But despite the enormous influence of this dizzying ideology, it […]