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Where are Yale’s Women Leaders?

Since 2000, only two women have been elected to the position of YCC president, the last in 2007. Even though the majority of YCC representatives are now women, 13 of the last 15 presidents have been men.

Yale ranks first, third in different lists

According to a list of rankings released by College Factual on Tuesday, Yale is the top university in the country. But in a separate ranking, released the following day by U.S. News & World Report, Yale is slated at number three, as usual, right behind Princeton and Harvard.

Calhoun alumni active in naming debate

As Calhoun College’s namesake — the white supremacist, secessionist and Vice President John C. Calhoun, class of 1804 — has come under intense scrutiny, discussion has spread from current students, faculty and administrators to the broader alumni community.

Schwarzman, man and donation, come under scrutiny

In the short span of a decade, Stephen Schwarzman ’69, through donations of $100 million or more, has imprinted his name on landmarks — such as the New York Public Library’s flagship building — and a high-profile scholarship at Tsinghua University modeled on the Rhodes Scholarship.

Yield drops, diversity increases for class of 2019

After receiving 30,237 applications to the class of 2019, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions accepted 1,962 students — 1,364 of which matriculated to the University. This marks a 69.5 percent yield, which is slightly lower than the record yield for the class of 2018, but still marks the second-highest rate the University has seen in recent years.

Calhoun debate shapes freshmen’s first days at Yale

When Charles Kenney ’19 walked into Woolsey Hall Saturday morning for the Freshman Assembly, he was expecting a standard college welcome address. Instead, he — and his 1,363 classmates — were issued a challenge.

Schwarzman committee seeks student input

With little fanfare, the blue plaque that labeled the building on the corner of Grove and College streets as “Commons” was replaced this summer by another sign reading “Schwarzman Center.” But administrators are planning far more publicity for the next steps of the building’s transformation, which will turn it into a massive student center by 2020.

Salovey calls for conversation on Calhoun

On their first morning on campus, in the early Saturday sunlight, with the sounds of the famed Newberry Memorial organ reverberating around Woolsey Hall, the 1,364 members of the Class of 2019 were issued a challenge.

Titles and college names fall under renewed scrutiny

The start of the fall semester will open a campus-wide debate over names and titles that have drawn new and criticism for their racial undertones.

Yale looks to expand college access to veterans

In June, the University joined an initiative to bring more high-achieving military veterans to Yale College.

Fall term will bring continued debate on renaming Calhoun College

The controversy that led to the removal of the Confederate flag from South Carolina’s state Capitol last week has reignited a long-standing debate over the name of one of Yale’s 12 residential colleges.