Trevor Wagener
Wagener: China’s paper tiger

As I approach the end of my Yale career, the International Monetary Fund forecasts the end of American economic dominance. According to the IMF, China […]

Wagener: Finding real climate solutions

Last week, a major climate skeptic made big waves when he endorsed the view that there has been significant global warming resulting from human activities. […]

Wagener: Quit babying big business

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is an unlikely ally of the libertarian CATO Institute, but one issue has managed to bring their views near lockstep: […]

Wagener: Hold off the unions

The news is filled with images of protests and riots around Madison, Wis. One could be forgiven for comparing the crowd sentiment in Madison with […]

Wagener: Tackling the new Red Menace

During the Cold War, anti-Communists often referred to the totalitarian bloc as “The Red Menace.” By 1991, the United States stood triumphant over the vanquished […]

The Yale Anime Society: Schedule in some otaku time

  “Welcome to the Club” is a weekly op-ed series, featuring columns inspired by Yale’s undergraduate organizations and written by their officers — from Anime […]

Wagener: A bastard — but our bastard

Open revolts in four Muslim countries may wreak havoc on U.S. interests in the Middle East; two pro-American, secular leaders have fallen and two more […]

Wagener: Improving teacher compensation

If you walk into a typical American public school, you’re bound to see a teacher with an impressive back-load. Stop wagging your finger; this is […]

Wagener: The debt stops here

On Nov. 10, Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson upended Washington with a 50-page draft proposal for fiscal reform. The two co-chairmen of President Obama’s National […]

Wagener: Throw the bums out

The midterm elections next Tuesday are likely to be remembered as the moment when Americans drew a line in the sand and told the Democrats […]

Wagener: Fees for free riders

The realm of international and intergovernmental relations is eternally in a Hobbesian state of nature: by and large, life for sovereign governments is nasty, brutish […]