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Mom sings with the rest of them, louder and prouder than she has ever been with me. The distance between our shoulders may as well have been cavernous. They all sing, unabashed, and I can’t match the depth of their feeling. I just stand and fruitlessly observe them all. Why don’t I get it? I remember why I hate being here.

Diane Nash: An Activist’s Lessons for a New Generation

Ms. Nash’s 2017 Martin Luther King Jr. Keynote Address was not simply a talk, but a magnificent event.

No Longer on Quicksand?

It is telling that Yale needed to witness such an explosion of student outcry to catalyze the creation of a center like this one... But issues of race, migration and more have entered the political mainstream both nationally and internationally. RITM symbolizes Yale’s growing recognition of this shift and its importance to professors and students on campus.

Jordan Cutler-Tietjen
Q&A with Yonas Takele ’17 and Logan Lewis ’19, student members of the Afro-American Cultural Center

"If anything, I will say that I have to double down and work harder than I ever have before to ensure that the work I do pays off for the people Donald Trump wants to target."

Daniel Ziv: Art Meets Global Activism

Q: Why is Indonesian life and culture so important to you? A: It was a mixture of academic and personal involvement. Once I moved there, […]