Tim Xu
TECHNOLOGY COLUMN | Xu: Double up on computers for convenience, safety

As college students, our computing needs are often fairly simple. A laptop (either the PC or Mac variety) and perhaps some sort of external hard […]

TECH COLUMN | Online shopping requires more careful price research

  How do you usually buy your technology? Today, the answer is increasingly becoming “online.” Online retailers such as Amazon.com have become some of the […]

TECH COLUMN | Xu: Smartphones will face test of time

  When Apple introduced its iPhone in 2007, it revolutionized a handset market previously saturated with poorly designed and poorly implemented software. Its rapid sales […]

Xu: Shifting paradigms in ’08,’09

2008 was a year of change — and not just in politics. The computer industry is changing — the product of the end of one […]

Xu: Internet to split?

There’s a version of the Internet telecommunications companies — the same ones that supply your connection — want you to adopt. This bold, new blueprint […]

Xu: Is the Internet replacing TV?

The pace of modern life has accelerated with time. As a society, we spend less time sitting down and more time moving from place to […]

Xu: Cloud could be the solution to risks of digital age

  I can count the number of CDs I brought to college on my fingers. Photographs? None. Tapes of old vacations — you’re kidding, right? […]

Xu: How and why DRM has failed

I download music illegally. I tried to be legal, to buy my CDs and use the online music stores legally. I want to support the […]


T-Mobile G1 and Android The popularity of Apple’s iPhone has revolutionized the smart-phone market, forcing traditional powerhouses such as RIM — the maker of Blackberry […]