Tigerlily Hopson
Staff Reporter
Tigerlily Hopson covers diversity and inclusion at Yale. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, she is a junior in Berkeley majoring in English.
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  When Charles Childress and Orisade Awodola were small, their grandfather Merritt Hicks told them stories about their great-great-great grandfather James W.C. Pennington.  “He ran […]

ESSAY: On Baby Birds and Loving Them

  “I heard a Fly buzz – when I died –”  Emily Dickinson   I open the door to the terrace and there is a […]

Wrestling to the Senate: Nick Fisk in control at the GPSS

The first transgender non-binary Graduate and Professional Student Senate president took office last May. As they lead, this is their story.

A Lasting History: Yale confronts racism in past and present

In the past two years, Yale has been forced to grapple more directly with its ties to slavery and racism.

Student income contribution scrapped, but FGLI students say community lacks cohesion

In the past year, significant developments have been made to expand financial aid, yet FGLI students continue to face struggles and search for community.

Student activism ignites change and ongoing action

In response to national and institutional reckonings, Yale students have rallied at the steps of Sterling Memorial Library, marched on Cross Campus and the New […]

Not the full story: Seeking eugenics history in Yale’s science curriculum

Across Yale University, students and faculty are left grappling with the afterlife of eugenics and considering how this history should be addressed in the science curriculum.

Two of Salovey’s Yale and Slavery commitments remain unrealized after half a year

In October, University President Peter Salovey pledged to establish ties with HBCUs and TCUs and to create a physical memorial to recognize Yale’s ties to slavery. Yet the University has gone silent since, leaving students and New Haven residents to wonder whether those words will be turned into action.

Survey reveals strong feelings of exclusion among marginalized groups in Yale’s math department

A soon-to-be-released report shows that many in the math department are dissatisfied with departmental diversity. Interviews with members of the climate committee demonstrated the difficulties of diversifying the sciences, as well as the hopeful bright spots for progress.

‘Flag-wavers of the future’: Yale Women’s Empowerment Conference brings together students and leaders

The 14th annual Yale Women’s Empowerment Conference, featuring various speakers and events, was held on Saturday.

Delayed semi-annual sexual misconduct report shows slight drop in reported cases

One year after its scheduled release date, the Title IX office’s semi-annual sexual misconduct report shows a small decrease in reported cases.