Thomas Koenig
Junior named as top entrepreneur

While most Yalies consider their dorm rooms a safe haven after a long day, one Yale junior decided to use his room in Jonathan Edwards […]

Freshman class starts new groups

It is a Wednesday night on Yale’s campus. While two students are sifting through song lyrics in their Durfee common room, another student plucks at […]

College dons pink with pride

While students struggle with midterms in October, they sometimes forget that this month is dedicated to another worldwide struggle — the fight against breast cancer. […]

Activist urges responsible, sensitive globalization

Ruth DeGolia ’04, co-founder of the nonprofit trade organization Mercado Global, said Yale students should engage in nonprofit work to help countries negatively affected by […]

Rwandan activist recalls genocide, urges more action in Darfur

Albert Nzamukwereka, secretary-general of the international peace group Never Again: Rwanda, told Yale students that they and their peers have a responsibility to start talking […]