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Renovated Yale Peabody Museum will promote accessibility, embrace the goal of community-building

Following the switch to free admission and an extensive ongoing renovation process, Peabody Museum aims to become more diverse and open to the public.

Yale Peabody Museum switches to a “free admission” policy for all

Following its post-renovation reopening in 2024, Peabody Museum will offer free admission to all visitors.

Students to stage outdoor production of Shakespeare’s classic “The Winter’s Tale”

Performed in the Timothy Dwight College courtyard, “The Winter’s Tale” pays homage to Shakespeare and pre-pandemic, unmasked theater.

Yale Cabaret builds community with original comedy ‘Penis Inspection Day’

This weekend, the Yale Cabaret’s Company of Cab 54 will present “Penis Inspection Day” –– an original comedy written by local Connecticut playwright Matthew DeCostanza.  […]

Yale Seniors break boundaries of theater with original immersive play ‘Pandemonium’

This weekend, three Yale seniors will present an original interactive play titled “Pandemonium” as their joint theater studies project.  Inspired by J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan,” […]

Yale Dramat presents ‘Not About Kyle,’ its first in-person production this year

This weekend, the Yale University Dramatic Association will present “Not About Kyle” — its first in-person theater production this fall –– as a part of […]

Yale Film Archive opens in Sterling Memorial Library

With a new name and in a renovated space, Yale Film Archive opens its doors to the campus community, offering improved facilities and remarkable campus views.

Picture of Room 708 Film Conservation
Yale student presents a virtual exhibit on Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’

As the University’s safety regulations still pose a challenge to in-person events, one student presents her online exhibit on the publishing history of Austen’s classic novel.

Yale Drama Coalition prepares for in-person theater with some restrictions

With some capacity limits in place, the Yale theater community is prepared for hybrid casting cycles and smaller crowds.

Yale Dramat presents ‘St. Valentine’s Home for the Forgetful and Lost,’ FroShowCase on Zoom

Last weekend, the Yale Dramatic Association presented “St. Valentine’s Home for the Forgetful and Lost” — an original comedy murder mystery as a part of its 2021 FroShowCase.

The show
Yale student presents ‘Roll With It!’, an interactive comedy inspired by ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

“Roll With It!” tells the story of a group of friends who meet each week to play “Dungeons & Dragons” together.