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Yale team discovers ring-like structure of electrons in high-temperature superconductors

Yale scientists have come one step closer to understanding the behavior of electrons and have found surprising results. Coulomb’s law — a law governing electrical […]

Yale team unearths COVID-19 testing protocol using sewage

Yale scientists have discovered an unconventional method to test for COVID-19 at a large scale. The key lies in your sewage. Professor of Chemical and […]

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Yale scientist of landmark pig brain study honored by Nature

Renowned science journal Nature has named Harvey and Kate Cushing Professor of Neuroscience Nenad Sestan — the senior author of Yale’s landmark study that restored […]

Novelist speaks at the Study Hotel’s “Writer’s Workshop”

On Tuesday, novelist Julie Buntin shared her writing experiences as part of the Study Hotels Writer-in-Residence program, which launched this week. In conjunction with the […]

ARTIST PROFILE: Noam Shapiro ’15

When Noam Shapiro ’15 was in high school, he saved his money and waited in long lines to get tickets to theater performances. Now, he […]

Yale researchers develop new method to analyze brain activity

Yale scientists are now one step closer to understanding the complexities of the brain. Neuroscience researchers at the Yale School of Medicine have identified a […]

School of Medicine team tackles e-cigarette unknowns

Amid increases in deaths related to e-cigarette use, a team of scientists at the Yale School of Medicine is conducting research on topics ranging from […]

School of Medicine professor advocates for musical theater in medical education

Psychiatry professor Matthew Goldenberg ’99 MED ’03 is looking to bring award-winning Broadway productions, like “Dear Evan Hansen,” to medical school classrooms. In an article […]