Suraj Singareddy
Staff Reporter
Suraj Singareddy is an editor for the podcast desk. Originally from Johns Creek, GA, he is an English major in Timothy Dwight College.
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Thus Went the Marriage Pact Date

Like many other Yalies and especially other first-years, I awaited the evening of Feb. 15 with a mix of giddy anticipation, fear, excitement, curiosity and […]

FEATURE: Finding Home

POETRY: Ghosts

Poetry created from pieces of graffiti in the stacks and confessions from @yale.confessions on Instagram. Every word below was written by someone else, with only […]

Attune Ep 2: Glass Castle

This episode of Attune features two poems and two short stories: “Saudade,” written by Ivi Fung, voiced by Siena Cizdziel, original music composed by Jonathan […]

Attune Ep 1: Eschaton, the End Times

This episode of Attune features two short stories and a radio play. The first short story is titled “Vanishment.” It was written by T.J. Maresca […]

Theatre and Performance Studies Department mounts senior thesis production: “Drinking Games”

The three-character play, written by Gabrielle Poisson, tackles themes of addiction, alcoholism and trauma; it will be performed in the Theatre and Performance Studies Black Box.

Doja Cat and the Art of the Awards Show Performance

It’s been 10 days, but I still can’t stop watching Doja Cat’s last VMAs performance. She’s celestial, breathtaking and yet somehow grounded — metaphorically — […]

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: An Underappreciated Gem

My relationship with the horror genre can be described more or less with a single word — nonexistent. As in, I’ve basically never watched a […]

A Sex Education Review

I had a reminder for the release of season three of “Sex Education” set before even watching the trailer. To put it lightly, my expectations […]