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YENILMEZ: Rebrand in progress

Over the last couple of weeks, I don’t remember how many times I heard the sentence “I am rebranding,” or how many times I said […]

YENILMEZ: Taken out of context

Since last year, I’ve grown more and more hesitant to discuss sensitive topics, such as democracy, religion, liberty and gender in the United States. I […]

YENILMEZ: Processing the unimaginable

“After reading the headlines, only numbers stay in my mind. Three million. Ten. Six hundred. One. The list goes on and on. We get better […]

YENILMEZ: The Yale Slump

“I want to quit school.” I have heard and repeated this sentence a billion times in the past week. The transition from finding my way […]

YENILMEZ: I am burning

My country is burning. When the flames started to engulf the most precious parts of Turkey, I could only stand in front of the TV. […]

YENILMEZ: Those moments of contemplation

It was past midnight. We were sitting on a bench outside of Old Campus, looking at the stars.  “There aren’t even stars,” one of us […]

YENILMEZ: The unique destiny

“Why should I care about his god, the lives, the destinies we choose when one unique destiny had chosen me, and along with me millions […]

YENILMEZ: Why choose ignorance?

In a lot of conversations, discussing American politics replaces small talk. An awkward silence is almost always followed by a comment on Trump’s absurd tweets […]

Exchange E1: Relationships and Dating

Yale Daily News Podcasts · Exchange E1: Relationships and Dating Relationships and dating are a fundamental part of the college experience. This episode explores how […]

YENILMEZ: Craving deep connections

“I hate small talk.” I recently wrote that on my Instagram profile after having asked and answered “Which classes are you taking?” a thousand times. […]

Exchange E0: Trailer

Yale Daily News Podcasts · Exchange E0: Trailer Here at Yale, we are surrounded by people from different backgrounds, hometowns, majors and interests. This gives […]