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YENILMEZ: Chasing Yale

For the first time, I am aware of the sad reality that in less than a year I will graduate. The finality of it is […]

YENILMEZ: It is not okay

It is a weird feeling to watch your country crumble. It is a weird feeling to witness the agony of your people from miles away […]

YENILMEZ: Why aren’t we more scared?

  The Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d’Italia), a far right-wing party with neo-fascist roots, won the Italian elections a week ago. Giorgia Meloni, the party […]

YENILMEZ: The Biggest Lesson of All

“Love you!” When I came to the U.S. for the first time, this sentence probably confused me the most. People I knew for only a […]

YENILMEZ: All about Eve

“Self-portrayal is thought to be a part of self-realization, yet it has nothing to do with personal awareness,” I wrote in my French essay. “It […]

YENILMEZ: Running out of time

“I am afraid of the change.” I wrote in my journal only a few days ago. “I wish there was an alternative reality in which […]

YENILMEZ: Rebrand in progress

Over the last couple of weeks, I don’t remember how many times I heard the sentence “I am rebranding,” or how many times I said […]

YENILMEZ: Taken out of context

Since last year, I’ve grown more and more hesitant to discuss sensitive topics, such as democracy, religion, liberty and gender in the United States. I […]

YENILMEZ: Processing the unimaginable

“After reading the headlines, only numbers stay in my mind. Three million. Ten. Six hundred. One. The list goes on and on. We get better […]

YENILMEZ: The Yale Slump

“I want to quit school.” I have heard and repeated this sentence a billion times in the past week. The transition from finding my way […]

YENILMEZ: I am burning

My country is burning. When the flames started to engulf the most precious parts of Turkey, I could only stand in front of the TV. […]