Steven Siegel
Card-check bill may affect union debate

A bill that would make it easier for unions to organize, including those at Yale-New Haven Hospital, is now making its way through Congress. The […]

Eli investment group sees gains

While the Chinese stock market was plummeting Monday night, one group of Yale students who hadn’t yet heard the news was busy rejecting an investment […]

Y-NH vote is ruled out

Hopes of a union election at Yale-New Haven Hospital were dashed once and for all on Monday. SEIU District 1199, the union that sought to […]

Fiscal ties to Sudan persist

One year after Yale announced it was divesting from seven oil and gas companies linked to Sudan, a recently discovered connection between the University and […]

HERC to ease faculty couples’ job searches

A married couple looking for new jobs in academia have many things to worry about: Buying a house? Check. Getting a dog? Check. Finding university […]

Energy use falls 17.3% in dorms

  Captain Planet would be proud. University officials said Tuesday that students living on campus have been saving energy faster than expected. Undergraduate housing consumed […]

Diversity position created

Efforts to improve diversity among Yale faculty and staff got a public face Monday with the hiring of Yale’s first-ever chief diversity officer. Nydia Gonzalez, […]

State may raise oversight of Y-NH

With relations increasingly tense between Yale-New Haven Hospital and unions trying to organize there, critics of the hospital have proposed two laws that would increase […]

Univ. details dorm plans

As the University moves forward on the possible construction of two new residential colleges, more details about renovations to the existing residential colleges emerged this […]

Schools fight series of data breaches

The threat of data breaches at colleges and universities is becoming more pronounced, as was illustrated Wednesday when Johns Hopkins University announced that tapes containing […]

Bush budget plan affects grants to Elis

President George W. Bush’s proposed 2008 budget may put a crimp into Yale’s budget planning, administrators said this week. The proposed $2.9 trillion federal budget […]