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ROME: High Prospects

Strangely enough, it’s Prospect Street that I miss the most. Not Elm Street, my home for the past three years; not Chapel Street, with its […]

ROME: Not like last year

Politicians are very good at spinning losses as wins. As I write on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, the one thing I am […]

ROME: Who’s Next to Us

In the middle of last year’s back-and-forth Yale-Harvard contest, The Game halted for what seemed like hours, forcing spectators to debate the age-old question: Is […]

ROME: The electric snafu

“Oh, when I look back now,” Bryan Adams laments in “Summer of ’69,” “That summer seemed to last forever.” Fifty years later, in the “Fall […]

ROME: Sportified politics, a lose-lose

We have become so inured to the shocking and bizarre in the news over the last few years that, when protesters in Hong Kong started […]

ROME: Field of Dreams

My feet are ticklish. This is not a sentence I expected to write in the nation’s Oldest College Daily. Then again, nor did I expect […]

A Yale fan’s bucket list

It’s shopping period, the semiannual contest between professors and students over who can complain the loudest. But as it so often does, sport can salvage […]

ROME: Muzzling the Bulldogs

The wider world will remember the 2018–19 season in Yale athletics with one word: scandal. In March, of course, news broke that the women’s soccer […]

ROME: Wait till next year

It’s spring, which means boat shoes, housing drama, society tap nights, salmon shorts, ill-fated attempts to aerate the grass, a reprieve from seasonal affective disorder […]

ROME: Cope-ing with loss

It was all tragically familiar. In their last regular season meeting, the Yale men’s basketball team led Harvard convincingly in the first half but slowly […]

ROME: Beyond the arc

From the front row at the packed John J. Lee Amphitheater on Saturday night, I might have experienced nirvana. The first-place men’s basketball team was […]