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Immunotherapy shows promise in cancer treatment

A team of researchers, led by scientists at Yale and the biotech company Genentech, have completed a phase I clinical trial for a new cancer immunotherapy and developed biomarkers to predict its efficacy in patients. The trial’s results look promising for the potential to use personalized medicine and immunotherapies to treat cancer.

With new delivery method, safer cancer treatments to come

A group of Yale researchers has identified a novel delivery method to suppress cancer-causing molecules and reduce tumors, with potential applications to other diseases.

Non-coding regions tied to autoimmune diseases

A team of researchers at Yale, University of California, San Francisco, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard have identified the specific genetic variations that cause 21 autoimmune diseases. What is more, they have proposed a novel role for gene regulation in human disease.

Self-interest beneficial in relationships

A new psychology study undertaken by researchers at the University of Toronto and Yale found that people have more difficulty rejecting an undesirable potential date when they believe the person actually exists.

Now altered, previously dangerous drug could treat diabetes

Researchers at Rutgers and Yale may have identified a drug that treats Type II Diabetes (T2D) in rats — but is already on the shelves for treatment of tapeworm infections.