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LEWIS: The need for a cure incentive

Our health care and pharmaceutical industries have an incentive problem. Profits drive our capitalist economy. This is not limited to Wall Street, where high returns […]

LEWIS: Listening generously

Discourse will open doors to more deeply understand each other and foster a more productive culture. Pursuing truth involves considering all opinions. Listening generously is a project of optimism and empathy – one that can make our Yale community and nation more whole.

LEWIS: Saving basic science

Despite the many successes of scientists in solving medical problems, science is under attack.

Yale professors shape New Haven biotech culture

The recent relocation of homegrown biopharma company Alexion to 100 College St. in New Haven, combined with the news that General Electric is moving its headquarters from Connecticut to Boston, highlights the paradigm shift from a reliance on larger Connecticut-based companies to a focus on smaller biopharma companies, according to molecular, cellular and developmental biology professor Craig Crews, who founded Proteolix and Arvinas, two biotech start-ups. In New Haven, health care innovation is driven by the interface between Yale professors and local biotech startups they found or guide through consultant and advising relationships.

Obama announces cancer “moonshot”

In his final State of the Union address, President Barack Obama announced a new cancer-research funding initiative to cure cancer. On Feb. 1, the White House pledged $1 billion in cancer-research funding toward the National Institutes of Health and Federal Drug Administration in the 2016 and 2017 fiscal budgets to discover new treatments.

Pharmaceutical incentives cost lives, Yale professor says

A Yale paper published online on Feb. 11 in the Journal of Global Health argues that implementation of a new agency to fund pharmaceutical companies could have decreased the severity of the recent Ebola outbreak.

Study uncovers science behind “the munchies”

A study led by Yale researchers has uncovered a novel contribution of a subset of neurons in driving marijuana induced feeding, otherwise known as “the munchies.”

A promising personalized medicine initiative, but little funding

The National Institutes of Health is slated to receive $215 million with the hope of individualizing medical treatments by using patients’ genetic information.

Risks can outweigh benefits in treatment of older diabetes patients

A study from a team of researchers at Yale and the University of California at San Francisco suggests that doctors across the nation are over-treating older diabetes patients to tightly control blood sugar, and that the risks of doing so — low blood sugar episodes resulting from too much insulin — outweigh the benefits.

Contrary to popular perception, not a mellow high

It may be viewed as a mellow drug, but a new study from the Yale School of Medicine calls that widely accepted perception about pot into question.

Yo-Yo Ma performs benefit concert

Last night, internationally acclaimed cellist Yo-Yo Ma shared the stage with Yale faculty and students for his first performance at the University since 1987.