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Computer Science Department begins expansion

While CS50 students experienced their first day of the incredibly popular, Harvard-imported class, one new CS hire taught his first-ever Yale course yesterday.

Yale Systems Biology Institute space opens on West Campus

On Tuesday morning, nearly 100 scientists from across the country sat in a West Campus Auditorium preparing for a two-day conference celebrating the renovation of the Yale Systems Biology Institute’s space.

With rediscovery of dinosaur species, Peabody renames skeleton

The Brontosaurus is back.

UP CLOSE | Tech life after Yale

Sporting a Dropbox T-shirt he had received the semester before at a technology career fair, Michael Hopkins ’15 gesticulated excitedly, laughing at his own outfit.

Meghan Sullivan NUR ’16 remembered as champion for mental health

Meghan Sullivan NUR ’16, who was dedicated to caring for mental health and substance abuse patients, died suddenly on Tuesday.

New biology building may put trees at risk

When professor of biology Sidney Altman asked about what would happen to the surrounding trees — four massive oaks alongside the Gibbs laboratory — the response by the associate provost stuck with him.

With CS50, undergraduate teaching role curtailed

Over spring break, roughly 40 undergraduates and graduate students were notified that they would be hired as the first class of Yale CS50 teaching staff.

At Peabody, the Samurai re-examined

On Saturday at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, visitors watched as experts in traditional Japanese sword drawing and modern Japanese martial arts performed.

Students, excited but cautious, respond to SEAS donation

All students interviewed were ecstatic about the announcement, but many were careful to temper their enthusiasm — even with the donation, CS at Yale is far from where it needs to be, they said.

SEAS receives $20 million donation

The donations come with an agreement that the University’s Computer Science Department will move into SEAS. The department will add five new faculty positions, increasing its size by 25 percent.

Lawsuits claim sexual misconduct by Yale physician

In two federal lawsuits, seven individuals have leveled new charges of sexual misconduct against a Yale doctor and the university that, until last year, employed him.