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Forum debates police, race

Concerns of mistrust between police departments and their communities were aired at a three-hour forum last week, where state legislators considered how to reform police departments across the state.

Independent panels garner mixed reviews

Following an independent panel report on Yale Police Department policies — sparked by a Jan. 24 incident in which Tahj Blow ’16 was detained by a YPD officer holding a gun — uncertainty remains about how such panels are established and the role they play in University policy.

What if?

  Imagine if I became pregnant tomorrow and wanted to keep the child. Besides having to explain myself to my parents, what would my next […]

Panel recommends body cameras for all YPD officers

Just over two months after Tahj Blow ’16 was briefly detained by a Yale police officer holding a gun on Cross Campus, the ad hoc panel charged with providing recommendations on University and Yale Police Department policies has issued its report.

After second arrest, protests continue

On the same day that police arrested 18-year-old Sabrina Parker for her role in a St. Patrick’s Day fight, roughly a dozen community activists stood outside the New Haven Police Department headquarters yesterday afternoon to protest the police’s response to that incident.

Officer exonerated in St. Patrick’s Day incident

Tensions ran high at City Hall on Friday afternoon, where the results of an internal New Haven Police Department investigation left police officers and community activists standing in opposition for over an hour.

Yale-NUS students question campus safety

Yale-NUS President Pericles Lewis said he cannot recall any major security issues on the Singapore campus.

Higgins emails present limited snapshot of campus crime

Since the beginning of the spring semester, students have received 11 campus-wide emails from Yale Police Department Chief Ronnell Higgins alerting them of various crimes on and close to campus.

Harp orders officer under investigation off patrol

After protesters stormed City Hall on Tuesday to rally against an incident of police brutality, Mayor Toni Harp announced that she had directed New Haven Police Department Chief Dean Esserman to remove the officer in question from patrol duty.

Students prove critical in affirmative consent bill

“Yes means yes” is set to be the new definition of sexual consent across universities in Connecticut, after a bill that mandates affirmative consent passed the Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee of the state legislature on Tuesday.

State commission to tackle youth violence

Crime in Connecticut is at 48-year low, but Gov. Dannel Malloy is preparing a new panel of experts and advisors to find strategies to push down crime rates even further across the state.