Sohara Mehroze Shachi
Yale celebrates coeducation

When Yale College Dean Mary Miller applied to college in the early seventies, the application fee for Yale was $20, compared with $15 for Princeton. […]

Alumni seek to revive senior society

With a publicity campaign targeted at Yale undergraduates, a group of alumni is trying to relaunch a not-so-secret society. After over 40 years of inactivity, […]

Yale Medal awarded to five alumni

Charles Ellis ’59 and his wife University Secretary Linda Lorimer have become the first couple to win the Yale Medal for independent contributions. Ellis was […]

Foreign students hit record highs

International students are flocking to the United States for college in record numbers, although the number studying at Yale remains relatively constant. At Yale College, […]

Cultural houses host panel on law careers

Minority students worried about succeeding in a law career can look to the experiences of others who have forged the way, according to the organizers […]

Briefly: Board of Ed unanimously approves new bullying definition

Last Thursday night the Board of Education approved the new definition of bullying proposed earlier in the week: “Overt acts by one or more students […]

Rubin LAW ’64 talks economic crisis

Robert Rupin LAW ’64 may not have seen the recession coming, but he told a Law School audience Tuesday that he sees the beginning of […]

Board of Ed. pushes to redefine ‘bullying’

“He got hold of my daughter and pulled her hair out. … She was bleeding. The next day he gave her an arm burn,” Antoinette […]

M. HOCKEY | Q&A: Hockey defender ‘can’t get enough’

Jimmy Martin ’11, defender on the No. 10 men’s ice hockey team, spent his freshman season last year skating in all 34 games and is […]

Exercise bike leads the ‘charge’ toward green workouts

As part of a senior project supervised by electrical engineering professor Hür Köser, electrical engineering major Henrique Rocha ’09 has devised a mechanism that harnesses […]

Spring nowhere to be found

Yale students woke up to discover their campus blanketed with a thick layer of snow yesterday. Fierce storms brought roughly a foot of snow to […]