Simi Olurin
Staff Producer
Simi Olurin currently serves as editor of the Yale Daily News Podcast Desk. Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, she is a double major in Political Science and Film & Media Studies.
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Comfort During COVID Ep. 2: Senioritis Interrupted: “Fast-Tracked Into the Real World”

Senior Maddie Smith discusses what it’s like to have her time at Yale be unexpectedly cut short and the mutual fear that seniors across the […]

Moving out: Changes on Hillhouse Avenue

As Yale prepares to open the new Tobin Center for Economic Policy in 2022, faculty members in the Economics Department have begun to temporarily relocate […]

Ling Gao
OLURIN: Just too pretty

Perhaps being a girl has made me more observant and analytical of women’s social tendencies. I first noticed a specific trend at the end of […]

OLURIN: Gassed: making new girlfriends in college

“You’re so pretty!” you both scream at each other gleefully, eyes wide with either excitement or pure, unmitigated terror. The game begins. The courtship has […]

OLURIN: Under the influence?

As the class of 2023 eases into their first semester, the “influencer” trend has appeared in yet another first-year class. You may have noticed — […]

Sophie Henry
The Adventures of Adopting a Friendly Personality

I have been looking for a new beginning since middle school. I’m sure we all have. The pubescent monster that I became, however, truly proved […]

Yale Black Seminarians celebrate 50th anniversary

The Yale Black Seminarians launched an exhibit in the Yale Divinity School Library earlier this fall to celebrate the student group’s fifty years of faith, […]

OLURIN: Corporate anticipation

Editors’ Note: This piece is a part of our Camp Yale issue, with opinions by incoming first-years. Let me be clear: I’m only here to […]