Shi Wen Yeo
Staff Columnist
Shi Wen Yeo edits the Opinion Desk. She is a Senior in Morse College, majoring in English and Economics. Her column "Through the stained glass" runs every other Tuesday.
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YEO: What we deserve

To my constant bewilderment, almost everyone around me seems to know what I “deserve.” When I get an internship offer, people scream something to the […]

YEO: The many faces of love

There are few things better than raiding the shelves of Walgreens the morning after Valentine’s Day in search of the half-off candy and chocolate hearts. […]

YEO: Lessons from flying standby

I come from a country with the world’s best airport, the world’s best airline and many people who consider themselves seasoned travelers. Singapore is a […]

YEO: A savior died

Amidst the preponderance of social media posts today that spam our brains with information, it seems cruelly ironic that the information is so easy to […]

YEO: The accent police

I have been called many things in my life, but “cute” certainly isn’t up there on the list of traits I’d associate myself with. Yet, […]

YEO: Lingua Franca

Bluebooking is always worse in the fall than it is in the spring. Every fall, my head spins thinking about all of the Level 1 […]

YEO: Marriage is not dead

“Yale Men” was a completely foreign concept to me, until I had dinner with a friend a few weeks ago. “Yale Men”, she complained, “are […]

YEO: What we forget

The pandemic induced in me a few stages of hysteria. First, denial (“it should be okay after a week or two, right?”). Then, resignation followed […]

YEO: Is God American?

“We live in a country, the greatest on earth, our flag stands for freedom and what it is worth. She stands in the harbor, Ms. […]

YEO:The cinematic triumph of Squid game

This article contains spoilers for the Netflix TV Show Squid Game. All of the players stand around uneasily, shifting in their blood-stained shoes. The “Squid […]

YEO: Come, let us reason

It is yet another Tuesday afternoon in the Hopper dining hall. I settle into my seat across from an acquaintance, ready to repeat the same […]