Shira Telushkin
TELUSHKIN: In praise of silence

We impose a heavy burden when we both expect from ourselves and demand of others a constant stream of stories.

TELUSHKIN: Found among the graves

I’m always surprised by the number of students, alumni, and faculty that tell me they have never gone inside the cemetery.

TELUSHKIN: Privacy in Sterling

The question of “What are you reading now?” is at its best an intimate question. If we are in the game of believing that ideas matter, then the ideas we pursue are more revealing than any bikini.

TELUSHKIN: Cultivating gratitude

For me, it is simple. Every single one of us here has benefitted from Yale College, and donating to the Senior Class Gift is a gesture of gratitude. A thank you.

TELUSHKIN: Preserving the fantasy

In January, Lena Dunham, the star and creator of HBO’s hit series “Girls,” defended Vogue’s decision to publish altered images of her on their cover.

TELUSHKIN: No more emotional one-night stands

The notion that we should all be comfortable sharing and hearing all sorts of intimate details about one another cheapens the power of words.


Not to knock seminars, but our bodies stick with us for life, and Introduction to Medieval Birthing Songs doesn’t.

TELUSHKIN: In favor of super-seniors

If Yale is serious about producing leaders for the next generation, it should more actively encourage students to consider taking time off.

TELUSHKIN: Just call me Joe

I can’t remember the last time I received an email from a professor that was signed Professor [Last Name].

TELUSHKIN: Consider the ring

We should take marriage at least as seriously as we take our career considerations.

TELUSHKIN: Best friends forever?

The diversity of the Yale student body means that friendships will take more work.