Shaun Tan
TAN: Truth is arrogant

The most worrisome thing about Yale-NUS College is the effect it has had on our administrators. In their desire to bolster support for the project […]

Yale-NUS: Alternate Futures

Proponents of the planned Yale-NUS College in Singapore paint a glowing future for the enterprise. Its skeptics warn of impending ruin. Shaun Tan speculates on […]

TAN: If Tweets could kill

A week and a half ago, on Feb. 4, a day celebrated as Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, a 23-year-old Saudi blogger named Hamza Kashgari posted three […]

TAN: For more objectification

People talk about objectification like it’s a bad thing. We hear it all the time: “Such and such a thing is bad because it promotes […]

TAN: In love with sharing ourselves

I made some new friends over the weekend and asked one of them to add me on Facebook. “Oh, I don’t have Facebook,” she replied. […]

TAN: The place of a liberal arts education

When my father found out I was taking “Thucydides and the Peloponnesian War” this semester, he threw a fit. How do I explain my education […]

Tan: The rise of negation

When I was speaking to Chris Patten, the ex-governor of Hong Kong, in 2008, I asked about Samuel Huntington’s “clash of civilizations” thesis: did he […]

Tan: To the West and back

Examine East Asian perceptions of elite schools and the word that springs to mind is schizophrenic. The ruling elite in Malaysia denounce the West as […]