Selen Uman
Facility runs tests on St. Kitts monkeys

Small Caribbean monkeys are some of Yale’s newest collaborators on the forefront of scientific research. The St. Kitts vervet monkeys’ tendency to eat everything from […]

Halperin teaches “How to Be Gay”

University of Michigan professor David Halperin gave his definitive take on “How to Be Gay” to nearly 150 students and faculty members Wednesday. Halperin, who […]

NYC mayor Koch speaks up

Ed Koch, a political commentator and former New York City mayor, encouraged students to “speak up” on two counts at a Thursday master’s tea. Koch, […]

Juniors win $100,000 for cancer device

A new device developed by three Yale undergraduates could replace the magnifying glass as the primary melanoma detection tool in dermatology offices across the country. […]