Scott Remer
REMER: Don’t count Bernie out

Bernie Sanders’ campaign has been outperforming all expectations and will continue to do so. The Democratic nomination is still an open question.

REMER: Stand against fatalism

Bernie speaks for our generation. His policies address our concerns and align with our views.

REMER: Fully fund public education

Instituting free and universal higher education is affordable. More importantly, it’s the right thing to do.

REMER: Tackling the hardest subject

In Hamlet, Polonius declares, “To thine own self be true.” Using the traditional definition of the self and traditional methods of self-knowing, this might be impossible to fully achieve.

REMER: On climate change, get political

You wouldn’t know it, but we’ve embarked upon the biggest gamble in 20 millennia. By continuing to profligately burn fossil fuels, humanity is courting disaster.

REMER: Leave regrets behind

We rush to and fro like the currents that caress the trees, but we forget that we are in fact leaves.

REMER: Education and the public good

No one should be forced to jettison his own religious or philosophical beliefs. But knowledge without humanity is sterile, even dangerous.

REMER: Promoting the general welfare

Ever since the Tea Party’s founding, its members have vociferously called for a return to basic principles. When they disingenuously bray about a return to […]