Scott Greenberg
GREENBERG: Make the world like Yale

Every year, on Bulldog Days, when admitted students ask me what I love about Yale, my answer always begins the same way: “Yale is a place that cares a lot about community.”

GREENBERG: Ruining high school

It is well known that the college admissions process gets a little bit more insane every year for the American upper-middle class.

GREENBERG: Money and happiness

A good deal of progressive political activism in the United States today is driven by the conviction that most social problems could be alleviated by taking money from some people and giving it to others.

GREENBERG: A Requiem for Yale

When I listened to the Requiem on Saturday evening, I was thinking, not about the end of my life, but the end of my time at Yale.

GREENBERG: Don’t rally for power

Far be it from me to deny my fellow students the pleasure of standing up to The Man.

GREENBERG: Cultural liberalism at Yale

What explains Yalies’ commitment to liberalism as a political identity, given their overall political apathy?

GREENBERG: My glimpse into admissions

I was surprised and impressed by how much the readers of my application were able to glean about my personality.

GREENBERG: Surveys and priorities

It is somewhat disturbing that the Yale administration sees fit to ask more questions about diversity and identity than any other topic besides academics.

GREENBERG: Filling religion’s void

Have the roles of religion been adequately filled by secular institutions?

GREENBERG: Bystanders for mental health

Our community can work to teach each other how to be more supportive of those with mental health issues.

GREENBERG: Acting like aristocrats

By now, many of us have seen the latest cover of The Economist, featuring a portrait of a man with a powdered wig and a Yale jacket, underneath the headline, “America’s new aristocracy.”